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The translations and spoilers published in this journal are intended to an international audience.

Keep the bulk of discussions and comments in English.

Other languages are okay for example sentences, giving definitions of a word or expression (since the author fails so much at explaining certain words in English), and anything that does not qualify as language-based exclusion. Use your judgement.
I still haven't managed to balance what little is left of my free time to catch up with Holic and Tsubasa, the two manga I used to translate regularly. (I miss that Nokia, I really should buy one for myself!) I'll occasionally translate something for shounen_gangan. Feel free to ask me Japanese questions, I'll answer to the best of my ability.
Feel free to call me "not a real translator" for this, but I believe that translating in general should be a process of bringing the reader to the original work and not the opposite.
I put up a translation policy after suffering a major confidence blow back in September 2007, but apparently it does not matter either way, so you are all on your own. Just do not blame me if scanlations are crap because my sub-par translations were used. I translate because I have fun doing it and whoever wants to use my translations must also agree to take responsibility over using source material of questionable quality.
On an unrelated note, LiveJournal needs to die a slow and painful death for forcing us to use jurassic HTML constructions in user bios. CSS what? Companies that deny perfectly capable people a chance to earn job experience that counts also need to die, even more slowly and more painfully. After several days of torture preferrably. And above all, the Brazilian tax system needs to die a most slow and painful death because it's not enough that we have to consume overtaxed goods, we're also paid overtaxed salaries.
Something to run away from really fast: TA88v3.
If you fail to run away from it, then run away from 5.50 and above instead.
Homo sapiens: really a complex type of parrot?