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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, chapitre 190

Cheers for lexi_nyanko for the scans!

Chapitre 190
Those who know the world

-01- (splash: Seishirou and Subaru)

They knew that
the time when they would meet again
was not that far away.


Sakura: Who~?

Shaoran: I'm

Sakura: Wait...


Sakura: No!

Sakura: I'm sorry.
Sakura: But
you must not touch me.


Sakura: I'm sorry.

Sakura: I'm in the middle of cleansing in this water
so no one can touch me.
Shaoran: Cleansing...
Is there some important ceremony coming up?

Shaoran: ... What?

Sakura: Knowing that cleansing is something that comes
before an important ceremony.
Shaoran: It's because there's something I've done many times, too.

Sakura: Ah, that's right!


Sakura: Those clothes aren't from Clow country, are they?
Sakura: Did you come from another country somewhere?

Shaoran: ... From another world.

Sakura: Another
Shaoran: Yeah.

Shaoran: I came from the country called Japan in a different world than this one.


Sakura: Japan...

Shaoran: You're not surprised.
Sakura: It's because I heard
Sakura: from the priest...
from my mother


Sakura: that the world,
to those who know its existence,
Sakura: isn't just one.

Shaoran: ... I was also told that
Shaoran: by my mother.


Sakura: But it's strange.
Even though Japan and Clow country are in different worlds, we can speak like this.
Shaoran: Such a coincidence...

Shaoran: No.

Shaoran: In this world there are no coincidences.
All there is, is hitsuzen.

Sakura: Was that something your mother...?


Shaoran: No.
Shaoran: My father.

Sakura: ... Hitsuzen.

Sakura: Could being able to meet you be such a thing too?


Shaoran: ......

Sakura: Tell me your name.
Shaoran: ... Li Shaoran.

Sakura: I'm Sakura of Clow country.

Shaoran: The same name as my mother...
Sakura: Eh?


Shaoran: ... Looks like

Shaoran: my mother when she was small.

Nadeshiko: Weren't you in midst of cleansing?


Sakura: Mother!

Shaoran: This person, too,
Shaoran: looks just like my mother's mother that I saw in a picture.


Nadeshiko: Looks like you're enjoying yourself, Sakura-hime.

Sakura: I- I'm sorry!
But I'm keeping my oath of purity! (T/N: I couldn't find the word I translated as "purity" in the dictionary, so it could be a bit off.)
I really am!
I just took a little fall in the water,
but... but...!
Nadeshiko: I understand. It's all right.

Nadeshiko: Welcome to Clow country,
Nadeshiko: you who came from another world.

Shaoran: How do you...?

Nadeshiko: A dream.


Shaoran: Are you a "dreamseer" too?

Sakura: Er, um,
that was...!


Nadeshiko: It's evening.
The cleansing ritual is over for today, so let's return to the castle.
I've set aside some of your beloved apples, Sakura-hime.

Nadeshiko: Come with us.

Shaoran: But...

Nadeshiko: Of course, I set aside some for you, too.
Nadeshiko: You like fruits, right?


Shaoran: So this person can also
see the future in dreams after all?


Sakura: Let's have dinner together!

Shaoran: O- okay.

Sakura: Ya~y!


Sakura: This way!

Shaoran: It's really a castle.
Sakura: Is it nothing like Japan?

Shaoran: There's a desert in Japan too, (T/N: This?)
but not where I live, at least.

Fujitaka: Sakura-hime.


Sakura: Father!


Fujitaka: Be patient for six days more until the cleansing ritual is over. (T/N: The sentence is a bit weird, I could be off.)
Sakura: Yes,

Fujitaka: Could you introduce us, please?
Sakura: I met him at the cleansing grounds in the ruins.

Shaoran: I am Li Shaoran. (T/N: Rare Shaoran-uses-polite moment.)


Fujitaka: I am the king of Clow-koku, Fujitaka.

Fujitaka: You two must be hungry,
so we'll talk later.
Sakura: Let's go.

Fujitaka: ... It's him, isn't it?


Nadeshiko: Yes.

Nadeshiko: Sakura-hime's destined person.

Teaser: Their destiny
can even cross worlds
and, now, it speeds up!

Page 1: "Meet" there is read まみえる. Looking up that in a dictionary brought in a few laughs.

Page 6: When the spoilers came out, I thought there would be someone other than Nadeshiko as the priest, but that's not the case -- Sakura corrected herself. What a rigid education she must have, for her first reference to Nadeshiko be as "the priest" and not as "mother".

Page 7: What Sakura is saying here is almost an exact quote of that line from the beginning of Holic (chapter 4, I think) that got horribly abused by BWYS and JBC. I'd really like to keep the positional "before" in the translation, but the fact that two different translators just didn't get it back then makes me skeptical.

Page 8: As I already said in the spoiler post, here we have confirmation that the Clow-koku language is actually Japanese (which I had suspected when Sakura-replica guessed the spelling of Watanuki's name outta nowhere in Holic). And the fact that Shaoran calls hitsuzen on it makes the whole thing fishier. What is Clow-koku?

Page 13: Shaoran, where's your well-known tendency to be suspicious now? I know I'd be more than a little freaked out if I got teleported into obviously off-limits holy grounds and not only no one gave it a second thought but also the priest responsible for said holy grounds were all smiles and greetings.

Page 19: What, Fujitaka gets no "he looks like grandpa" comment? (笑)

Page 22: First 189 with the whole Holic-rehash thing, and now we get another rehash scene, this time from chapter 1 of Tsubasa. What the hell is going on here? Did the events in either chapter 1 even actually happen in the first place?

So... Where the hell are Touya and Yukito?

Someone already commented on this, and I forgot to mention it in my 189 post. How exactly did Clow make plans for TRC Shaoran (and other Shaoran by extension) if he didn't foresee Sakura/Shaoran in CCS? Did he cheat even Eriol's memories so that Eriol wouldn't know it? (And why the hell would he need to hide things from Eriol?) Is TRC Shaoran some kind of "invariant" that would have to come into existence by any means available, regardless of who his parents are and even what dimension he would be born in? Actually, I'm kinda wishing Tsubasa had been told like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, so that we'd get to see all averted futures since everyone keeps meddling with the course of events.

Random silly comment: すれ違った in the first OP of the anime makes me laugh because it's sounding so much like this arc.


Though Clone!Shaoran's had a pretty bad record so far xD