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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, chapitre 176

No giongo today either.

Chapitre 176
Unmoving body

-01- (splash: Shaoran)

The indomitable heart now
surpasses its own self.


Extra text: In the heart of the death battle,
what does the princess cry out---


Souma: The cherry tree is...!

Fuuma: I wonder if something happened in the dream.

Mokona: Shaoran!
Mokona: Sakura!!


Clone: ... Move.

Clone: ......


Sakura: ... Shaoran... kun...


Fei Wang: What is essential is but the body.

Fei Wang: If the soul is killed, it doesn't matter.


Clone: ... Why
Clone: won't I move?


Mokona: The memories of the body?

Yuuko: Even if the heart forgets
Yuuko: there are also things that the body remembers.

That must've been the shortest chapter ever. But it still made me smile so much. Sakura/Shaoran OTP!

Page 8: *incoherent fanbrat mumble*

Page 12: That was wicked cool, Sakura.

Tsubasa will be back on the 26th, but I don't know if I'll have access to the Internet that week. The plan is for my mother and I to go to her place after Christmas, so once I get there I'll have Internet access again. Better yet, broadband, 24-hour access, which I didn't last year. If things don't go terribly wrong, I should be still around on the 23rd for Tsubasa Rumor Mill.


Yay~ Thank you!! &hearts
Thanks!!!!! I was lookinf for your translations!!!
thank you so much!!!!

and the sakura RXiao is growing in me is a very good chapter,
and Clony shoe emotions ehhhh!!!!!
can you do the eomake too? inakarami DID do it but she never does the captions and i NEED those for the scanalation
oversleep is good ^________^

"Perfect wife"
*sigh* that is what happens when you explain things in too few words. Actually that was a serious discussion, so I still don't get why it ended being ranted. What my friend pointed was that Clamp was making Fay look like the japanese wife model, you know, that submissive model we all have in our minds and that reflects the sexism in japanese society. That is what we were talking about, it was a negative critic about Clamp and it had nothing to do with defending pairings and that stuff... and seriously makes me wonder what was wrong about it... nobody told that as a fact, was a personal vision my friend had (the one with a so trong personality) and we talked about it because yes, it can be seen this way with Fay so focused into pleasing Kuro.... Better explained now? And after all that was a normal talk between friends and it offends me a bit it was read and used that way... I think I'll make again two spoiler entries, one with the info and no comments and a fonly one for comenting, that or my friends won't want to share their opnions with me anymore T_T

Ah, don't worry. Bad days at work are a fact of life.
you tell me, i haven't read my flist since wednesday... weekend, where are you?
That's exactly the "perfect wife" concept I was talking about. Japanese-specific twists aside, there's a similarly machist idea of "perfect wife" and whether a wife is "good" for her husband over here, and I find those things scary, scarier even for what they can do to perfectly capable women.

Whoa, that the original comment got distorted into what I heard is kinda like that joke with a corporate news bulletin about Halley's Comet getting distorted into an announcement of the CEO's 73rd birthday party.

Anyway, although I don't agree with your friend, it's an entirely different claim that does warrant serious discussion.

A suggestion if I may? Since you probably want to get spoilers up quickly, post them without comments, then after they're out you can go back and add comments (separately, either above like inarikami or below like me), explaining this kind of thing carefully. Also, do add expressions like "I think", "it looks like [...] to me", etc. to your comments if they're statements -- it won't protect you from people bashing your opinions if they want to, but it'll protect you from accusations of trying to pass your opinions as absolute truth. That's already something, right?

Not screening your comment above because I think it's good if other people end up seeing it.
Thank you! And there is a similar joke in spanish!!!!!
Just wanted to say that you are made of awesome, Neither-sama. <3

Even though you don't use "Syaoran". o-ó *runs*
Neither, awesome-izing waapuro romanization since August/'06. ™