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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, chapitre 176

No giongo today either.

Chapitre 176
Unmoving body

-01- (splash: Shaoran)

The indomitable heart now
surpasses its own self.


Extra text: In the heart of the death battle,
what does the princess cry out---


Souma: The cherry tree is...!

Fuuma: I wonder if something happened in the dream.

Mokona: Shaoran!
Mokona: Sakura!!


Clone: ... Move.

Clone: ......


Sakura: ... Shaoran... kun...


Fei Wang: What is essential is but the body.

Fei Wang: If the soul is killed, it doesn't matter.


Clone: ... Why
Clone: won't I move?


Mokona: The memories of the body?

Yuuko: Even if the heart forgets
Yuuko: there are also things that the body remembers.

That must've been the shortest chapter ever. But it still made me smile so much. Sakura/Shaoran OTP!

Page 8: *incoherent fanbrat mumble*

Page 12: That was wicked cool, Sakura.

Tsubasa will be back on the 26th, but I don't know if I'll have access to the Internet that week. The plan is for my mother and I to go to her place after Christmas, so once I get there I'll have Internet access again. Better yet, broadband, 24-hour access, which I didn't last year. If things don't go terribly wrong, I should be still around on the 23rd for Tsubasa Rumor Mill.
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