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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (160)

Whoa, how long -has- it been since I last did Tsubasa Rumor Mill? (Don't answer, it's a rhetorical question.)

And why -did- bare-san post at such an ungodly hour (3:49 AM JST)? Beats me.

For the ones she simply loves
the sleeping princess
continues to wander.

Chapitre 160
Promise from a far-off day

Splash: Separation of Sakura's ethereal body.

Kurogane points his sword to Yuui. Yuui is frightened.

Yuui: I can't die until Fai is revived, until I return him this name and his life.
Ashura-ou: Then, you must kill, right? Him. And, I must have you grant my wish.

While holding Fai with his right hand, Yuui points his finger to Kurogane.

Yuui fighting against a huge avalanche. He cuts through it with his powerful magic, and saves the village at the base. Inside a block of ice, he finds two feathers. Before touching them, their energy is transmitted. (T/N: I'm a bit confused by this sentence.)

Yuui: 'Let's make the feather not as it is, but into a person's form, so that it'll stay by Fai's side even when I'm not there.'

As for the other one, he thinks of his travelling companion and inadvertently starts to talk but thinks, 'This has nothing to do with me, because even if we're travelling together, it's not the same,' and his thoughts stop there. (T/N: My best guess here is that he was talking to an escort in the flashback.)

In the village, they were tired of waiting for the return of their savior. Yuui's expression is blank.

Villager: Thank you very much, wizard-sama! As expected from the person who carries the D title of supreme magician!
Yuui: ... No. I'm... glad that no one got hurt.

He immediately returns to his depressed facial expression, and tries to leave the village with a downcast look. Someone grabs him by his clothes.

Freckled little girl: Thank you! But, I'd be even happier if you smiled.
Girl's mother: Geeze, this child! I'm very sorry!
Yuui: Don't.
Yuui (meeting the little girl's gaze): I can't smile well. I'm not used to it.
Little girl: You should practice! See, like this!

Returning to the castle, the sentinel idly complains about the cold. Yuui's skin loosens only a little bit around his eyes. The sentinel doesn't miss that change.

Sentinel: You just smiled.
Yuui: Was it strange?
Sentinel: No! It was okay! You should smile more! Ashura-ou will also be happy.
Yuui enter's the king's room. Yuui's magic power has become so strong that Ashura-ou knows wherever he is.

Ashura-ou: Should you become lost in some world, I'll go pick you up.
Yuui: ... What should I do? About what you wanted to request from me.
Ashura-ou: ... I wonder, do you love Celes?
Ashura-ou (doubtfully, anxiously): Do you love this country?
Yuui: Yes. Everyone is kind. Besides... I'm allowed to stay here.
Ashura-ou: Then, should something happen, will you use your power for the sake of this country?
Yuui: ... But, if someone with stronger magic powers than mine appears in this country...
Ashura-ou: You're cursed to kill that person, right?

Yuui is scared by the precise guess. Ashura-ou continues speaking.

Ashura-ou: I can't remove that, but I can suppress it.

From Ashura-ou's right hand comes forth the tattoo that was later entrusted to Yuuko.

Ashura-ou: If I die, it'll lose it's effect, but...
Yuui: Die, you...?
Ashura-ou: People die, all the time. I would like you to destroy those who bring harm to the people of this country. No matter who that person is.
Yuui: ... Majesty?
Ashura-ou: That's my wish.
Yuui: ... If it's all right for the time I stay in this world.
Ashura-ou: Thank you, Fai.

Ashura-ou: You promised me. That, to those who brought harm to the people of this country you'd deliver...
Yuui: Death. (T/N: More rewording fun to accomodate the split sentence. It was originally "that you'd kill those who brought harm to the people of this country".)

A wall of magic power gushes out. Kurogane's sword smashes through it.

Kurogane: Get this farce over with!

---What does his companion's shout mean?

The whole little-girl-teaches-Yuui-to-smile scene must have been teh cute. Though I don't think anything can beat the hug from last chapter.

I can see where the whole "kill those who bring harm to the people of this country" thing is going. >< Ashura-ou, you're a bishounen, have the somewhat rare trait of thinking things ahead and are a wonderful father on top of that, but get one thing straight: contrary to popular assumption, just because they're blonde with blue eyes, it does not mean that they'll have the same reactions. 記憶したか?


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Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!! Answers! Finally!!! > > But also only another flashback!
Thank you!!! &hearts &hearts here it's only 1.23 am XD why am I still up??
Wah! I wonder if the girl is someone we know? Must be soooo cute!! So that is why he always smiles! And the tatoo! Poor Yuui ;_; I hope he doesn't have to kill Kuro-chan!
*runs around all exicitet* ...have to be quiet, don't wanna wake my parents XDD but sleep now?
That little girl has no idea of what she unleashed upon the multiverse. XD

I have a feeling that Fei Wang is bitterly regretting having used Yuui of all people as a pawn. The kid is more unreliable than newspaper horoscopes.
wow thanks!!!! i'm gonna eat and come bak to coment
Kurogane: Get this farce over with!

Kurogane, baby, I love you!

Thank you so much!
You're welcome!

And Kurogane pwns all. XD
Thank you for the spoiler!

>Little girl: You should practice! See, like this!
That reminds me of the scene Fye/Yuui shows Kuro how to smile. *must look up*

Now I´ve the feeling Fye have to kill Ashura-ou because of his promise to protect the country. o_o
Recently Tsubasa makes me really sad.
Now I´ve the feeling Fye have to kill Ashura-ou because of his promise to protect the country. o_o
Makes me want to say: Ashura-ou, stop being a coward and do it yourself! You don't even have the excuse of needing to transmit your powers to someone this time. XD

These spoilers do make me wonder, though, how much of the reason why Fai avoided killing Ashura-ou was because he really liked him, and how much of it was not wanting the tattoo to lose its power.
At this point in the story, it'll be easy to give Fai the bad ending: just make him immortal or something like that. He's sooo screwed.
WOW! that's impressive! More than a rumor mills seems almost a translation of the chapter plus description!
I love detailed rumours!
Poor Fay... oh my I fear Ashura-Ou will think Kurogane is here to bring harm to Celes...
Yup, the TRC spoilers are almost always way more detailed than the Holic ones, much to my chagrin (especially considering that transcribed dialogue in Holic spoilers speeds up my translation by several degrees).

My impression is more that Ashura-ou is thinking that Kurogane wants to kill Fai. The nature of the wish and promise, plus Fai telling Ashura-ou in advance that he'd do it only until he left the dimension, and Ashura-ou feeling "betrayed" to some extent tells me that the threat Fai was supposed to remove was Ashura-ou himself.
Clearly Ashura want to die if Fay don't do it, Kurogane do it!!! but what with the make them fight thing...
Fay wake up he is your lunch box, he is the person who know the real you, he must be your lover don't fight back and about the tatoo I know it!!!!! i always know it!!!!

what about the second curse???????
Lunch box... XD Though I'm not sure I agree about the "real you" part. I'm starting to think no one really knows the real (Yuui) Fai.

Knowing CLAMP, they're going to put off the second curse thing until it's time to leave Celes.
Ashura-ou, stop using people to kill you! We like you alive! Only have a desire to die if Taishakuten is already dead!

Kurogane: Get this farce over with!

I love him. He always knows what the rest of us are also saying. <3
Ashura-ou's obsession with death is annoying, I agree. We -finally- got to see him alive, and it looks like he wants to die? No fun!

And Kurogane FTW.
Noooo! I mean yes! Nooo.... I wanted to know what happens between Fai and Kurogane! The flashback sounds nice and all, (the smile thing is so cute!), but still... I seriously hope no one dies! I had enough of the Fai dying thoughts when he lost his eye, enough already! XD But... I think if one of them dies Kurogane will be the one since Fai already have gone through the near death experience. I wonder if Fai's wish to resurrect real!Fai is stroner than his love for Kurogane...

I guess Ill have to wait another week ^^

Thanks for the spoilers! I thought I had to wait until later tonight with the wierd time zones here and everything:)
The spoilers were strangely early this week, though the extended version apparently came out too late for su_chan to get them.

Fai's happiness is getting harder to conciliate with his survival. At this point I'm almost thinking he'll only live if he's the character to get the bad ending. And Kurogane can't die before they get the eye back from the clone, or else Fai will die as well.
You're welcome.

And Fai used Ashura-ou just as much or even more.
But... if the tattoo only seals his curse, why didn't he want to use magic without it?

Thank you very much! :D
I wonder about that, too. Maybe his magic is depleted whenever he uses it without the tattoo? Or maybe the curse has a certain span over which magic is compared, so if Fai didn't use magic the curse couldn't compare his power to anyone else's? (Yeah, the latter is very stupid.)
Whoa, Bare-san really updated at an ungodly hour..

Thank you for the translation! Ashura sounds nice in this chapter..

Now we know what is the tattoo for and what D means. Yay for answers!

I wonder if Fai sealed Ashura so that Ashura won't die.. It's a bit selfish if he did so.. Right? =/
YAY for Ashura-ou love!!! ♥

I also have the suspicion that Fai's reasons for not killing Ashura-ou are much less noble than selfish love, especially now that we know that the tattoo would stop working with Ashura-ou's death...
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to read chapter 160!!!!!!!!!!! more true!!!!!!!!!
and I want to see Kurogane expresion when he's saying to Yuui, "Get this farce over with!"
That only reminds me that we'll be lucky to get scans on time... T_T

With only a few appearances in the chapter, Kurogane better have a kickass expression!
People at TF are wondering about Kurogane's line, too. I don't know if you looked at my comments on chapter 159, but I noticed the discrepancy in real Fai's clothes, and it's likely that Kurogane has noticed that too. In this case he'd be referring to the farce of the real Fai in (Yuui) Fai's arms, who could be a fake.
Thank you very much for the translation!

I guess the theory that one day Ashura-ou went on a rampage and started killing his own people is true. I guess he predicted this and thus asked Fay to kill each and every person who brings harm to people to Celes. Fay is too kind to actualy kill the king, so he put him to sleep or he was just being practical, and didn't want his tatoo to lose power *laughs*. Anyway, it's all starting to make sense.

God, I want to see Celes flashback scenes!
You're welcome!

Man, if "Black Ashura-ou" pops up after this, I'm just going to laugh real hard, because it was an old theory of mine that I had completely dismissed after the revelation of the first curse.

You know, I actually think the possibility of the tattoo losing its effectiveness weighed a lot on Fai's decision not to seal Ashura-ou. Or maybe it's just that I want him to be evil-ish, even though I still love the original "responsible prince" Yuui.
Thanks!! ^^
everything begins to be clear finally!!

Kurogane: Get this farce over with!
Oh! I love you Kuro! you dont know how much I love you!!

although, I dont Know what you mean really...
I have these options:
a) the dead zombie twin theater
b) the "I can't die until Fai is revived" thing (after all of Tokyo, I can't believe this to him at all)
c) Fay's failed attempt to kill him (in the supposition of that sudden magic are Fay's attack) or
d) A challenge ("come here and Kill me if you can!" or something like that XD)
more the first, I think....

oh! besides I want to see a pretty chibi fay wizard-sama! *0*

Pd: my english is not very good so, my apologies if is hard to understand me ^^u
I agree, a) is more likely. Especially since the brat seems to be wearing his Valerian prison tunic for no reason at all.

I wonder if Kurogane will still be all, "I don't care about your past," after this. I mean, he said that to someone he believed to be trying to forget his past and start anew, but Fai actually isn't like that at all. Fai wants to be haunted by his past, it's not like he's simply having problems leaving it behind -- he never wanted to in the first place.
Thank you!! :D

Um, waitaminute... isn't Ashura-ou the only living being in Celes? I was under the impression the everybody already died - even though we only saw dead guards, Fai said that only in the castle there is life.
If people were living inside the castle, then it wouldn't make sense for Ashura to be the "threat to the country", would it? *confuuuuused*
Confusing indeed. Maybe the survivors fled to some far-off area after the massacre in the castle? (Or did Fai say that there was no one else alive in the whole world? I don't remember.)
I`m sorry, but what means "Get this farce over with!" ???
I`m german. I don´t understand this with my schoolenglish...T___T

Oh please tell me!
"Farce" is a genre of play, I'm not sure of the exact definition but in this specific case there might be a slight underlying "comedy" meaning to it (bad comedy, that is). In English and Portuguese (we have a cognate word) it's also used with the general meaning of "pretense, act".
I don't understand the last lines. Did Yuui attack Kurogane? The magic wall? Huh, huh?

*walks around confused and bumps into walls*

Thank you, I wanted that so much!! I knew Ashura couldn't be evil!! And I wanted tobe the little girl!!!
You're welcome!

I think Yuui/Fai and Kurogane are only threatening each other the whole chapter. The spoilers don't really make it clear who created the magic wall, but if I had to take a guess, I'd say it's Ashura-ou trying to either protect Yuui/Fai (whom he believes is about to be killed by Kurogane) or make it so that he himself can be killed without interruptions.
Thank You for the translations!~~ <3
I am scared of Kurogane ;_; I hope he won't do anything stupid >_>
You're welcome!

Kuro, oh Kuro! I trust his intelligence, you don't live half of your life around ninjas not knowing how to deal with backstabbings and the like, but in this case his lack of magic senses is worrisome.
Thank you very much!! I think I'm going to love this chapter... Kuro and Fay threatening each other must be so cool *_* xDDD and Yuui... omg, poor thing, he didn't know how to smile... so sad T_T

The emperor of Valeria went mad and killed all the people in his country, the same thing should have happened to Ashura-ou, that's why everyone is dead in Celes... so Fay couldn't kill him after all, and sealed him instead... How ironic... if that's the case, Ashura-ou probably brought that child with him so he could stop him someday, but he didn't know he was also bringing that curse with him... U.U

I don't understand why Ashura-ou wants Fay to kill Kurogane though... O.o
Ashura-ou tragedies are made of awesome! ^_^

Maybe Ashura-ou thinks Fai is in real danger of being killed by Kurogane, or maybe he wants to dissuade Fai from the whole idea of reviving real Fai by sending him into a line of thought like "do you really think that the possibility of reviving your twin, even though you should already know that the dead can't be brought back to life, is worth killing your friend, because that's what you'll have to do if you don't give up".
I must be one of the only people wanting to see Kurogane and Fai fight a little XD But really this chapter sounds wonderful. We're getting more explanations than I thought we would! And the scene with the little girl sound absolutely adorable *__*

However I don't understand how Kurogane falls under the "people threatening our country" bit to Ashura >__>; He pulled a sword in the presence of the king so now he must die, I guess? XD; Gah.
I'm still waiting for Ashura-chan to turn up and start exploding things :P, too predictable maybe tho.

Not surprised Fay's most precious item was a seal.
wow! wow! wow! wow!

Thanks so much for the spoilers' translation, Ashura_sama! Saw the link here at Su-chan's Lj!! *hearts both of them!!**

I am very excited about this chapter! It sounds damn interesting! I'm confused about Kuro and Fai are going about this, though. They could target the real sources of all the conflict, but they continue posing threat to each other! *cries* Doushite????

Thanks again! *hugs* Can't wait for the scans!

*deep breath*


OMG Kuro get outta there!!!


don't be so scare,i know that someone would stop him from killing yui,because yui didn't do anything wrong,the one who made him in this trouble in FEI WANG REED,HE IS SSSOOO EVVIILL.i wish sakura wake and help them and thanks ashura-sama,this chapter will be so cool,i can't wait for the next chapter
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